ABB EV road trip: doing on the ground what Solar Impulse is doing in the air

2016-07-04 - Solar Impulse has proved that clean, electric transport is capable of great things in the air. Now, Solar Impulse Main Partner ABB is embarking an its own electric vehicle adventure: a symbolic road trip from Spain to Germany to show that what Solar Impulse is doing in the air, ABB is doing on the ground, in the field of the integration of renewables, energy efficiency and electric transport.

Solar Impulse takes to the skies to show we can run the world without consuming the earth

2016-04-21 - After a winter break in Hawaii, the Solar Impulse round-the-world mission has taken off again, with the aim of becoming the first plane to circumnavigate the globe without consuming a single drop of fossil fuel. ABB is providing essential technical support through its innovation and technology alliance with the pioneering project. Together, we are spreading the message that we can decouple economic growth from environmental impact.

Boosting productivity through the Internet of Things, Services and People (IoTSP)

2016-04-14 - [No lead text]

ABB's IoTSP strategy highlighted in AIG report on leading innovative companies

2016-03-22 - [No lead text]

Substations overcome urban space constraints in Singapore

2015-10-01 - Compact gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) technology enables substations to “hide” in the city, while boosting transmission capacity and enhancing grid reliability.

Key ABB solar wins highlight a shift in the world’s energy mix

2015-09-04 - Major solar orders in India, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas highlight the vast potential being unlocked by one of the industry’s most comprehensive offerings.

ABB supports Solar Impulse decision to continue in 2016

2015-07-15 - [No lead text]

Solar Impulse shines the spotlight on Hawaii’s ambitious renewables goal

2015-07-08 - Solar Impulse’s stopover on Oahu is focusing the spotlight on Hawaii’s ambitious – and attainable – goal of switching to 100 percent renewable energy by 2045. ABB is investing in technologies to make that transition possible.

Solar Impulse lands in Hawaii after record-breaking flight across the Pacific

2015-07-03 - ABB’s innovation and technology alliance with Solar Impulse celebrates a remarkable feat: 120 hours, flying day and night from Japan to Hawaii, on nothing but energy from the sun. From here, the round-the-world mission heads to the mainland United States

Solar Impulse sets new world records on epic Pacific crossing to Hawaii

2015-07-01 - ABB, whose innovation and technology alliance with this pioneering solar endeavor began in 2014, salutes pilot Andre Borschberg on his record-setting flight to Hawaii. About half of this pioneering five-day, five-night leg - the round-the-world mission’s most grueling segment - has been left behind in the plane’s slipstream.

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