Energy efficient and flexible room climate control with KNX

2015-05-19 - New ABB i-bus KNX Fan Coil Actuators

Blower convectors are heat exchangers for heating or cooling applications where the flow of the warmed or chilled water is controlled by a valve just as in radiators and underfloor heating. The warm or cold air is generally blown into the room using a fan. This forced convection allows the room to heat up or cool down quickly. Mainly in warmer climate zones heating is often provided by electric or resistance heating using a filament that becomes hot when electric current is caused to pass through it.

With the new range of four Fan Coil Actuators for controlling these blower convectors, ABB offers new solutions for an energy efficient and flexible room climate control with KNX.

The new Fan Coil Actuators are available in two variants, each with or without manual operation. The variants differ in the kind of valve control: One variant features two analogue output channels to control two motor valve drives by 0-10 V signals. The other variant features four electronic outputs to control up to four thermoelectric valve drives by Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) or up to two motor valve drives. The kind of control can be flexible programmed for each output channel.

All new Fan Coil Actuators control a single-phase fan with up to three fan speeds via a step or changeover control. An additional switch output can be used to control an electrical load, e.g. the resistance heating mentioned above. Furthermore, three inputs for potential free contacts or analogue values are available, e.g. as binary input for monitoring a window contact and the dew point or as analogue input to connect PT100 (2 wire), PT1000 (2 wire) or KT/KTY temperature sensors.

With one unified ETS Application the actuators can be flexible adapted to applications with 2, 3 or 4 piping systems for the supply of the chilled or warmed water.

The new Fan Coil Actuators support the ABB i-bus Tool enabling advanced diagnosis and improved commissioning – for saving time on the construction site.

The devices are modular installation devices with 6-module widths for installation in a distribution board or directly in the Fan Coil unit housing. Connection to KNX is established via a bus connection terminal. The devices require no auxiliary voltage. The assignment of the physical address, as well as the setting of parameters, is carried out with the ETS.

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