ABB Suppliers day in EPMV Brno, Czech Republic

„How to further improve the supply chain and increase added value for the common end customers“ This question became the main topic of ABB suppliers day, organised for our key suppliers. The topic emerged from increasing global competition and global economic conditions, putting strong pressure on EPMV and its competitiveness.

The ABB suppliers day took place on February 25th, 2016 in EPM Brno, where we produce medium voltage air insulated switchgears (MV AIS) and instrument transformers & sensors (IT&S).

Top 14 external suppliers participated on the event, opened by LBU manager Jiří Potěšil, highlighting the leading position of Brno EPMV factory within ABB, offering to suppliers the potential to growth.Vaclav Kovar, LPGU manager of MV AIS and Petr Neumann, LPGU manager of IT&S, presented production portfolio and our targets for next period. During factory tour in both production plants, our suppliers got familiar with our new production lines and technologies, installed last year.

Separate meetings with every supplier, led by SCM team (Supply Chain Management team) were the most important point of the suppliers day. We discussed various posibilities for improvement of common collaboration and agreed on next steps to optimise common competitiveness on the market. Thanks to detailed preparation of all SCM team, negotiations were very efficient and agreed actions should bring additional 500KUSD of SCM cost reduction.

The succesfull concept of ABB suppliers day leads SCM team to continue with similar activities in order to contribute to strengthening the position of ABB in the market.

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