Safer data for yarn processor with ABB data recorders

2016-07-19 - A leading processor of synthetic yarns has used ABB’s RVG200 Paperless recorders to improve the security and accessibility of its production data. Supplied by ABB partner, KC Controls, a total of six RVG200s have been installed by Mayfield Yarns to replace previously installed paper-based recorders.

Situated in the Staffordshire countryside, Mayfield Yarns processes millions of kilograms of yarn each year for use in several industries, including safety critical products in the automotive industry.

Mayfield Yarns’ engineering manager Colin Fearn was eager to find a replacement for the plant’s paper recorders. “These were becoming obsolete and difficult to maintain,” says Colin.

“We had all the issues of paper recorders, such as the use of easily damaged paper charts, the poor accessibility of data and the need to replace recording pens. We were scanning the charts to get digital images of them but this was time consuming and not ideal. The options were to replace like-for-like or go for an upgrade and the obvious answer was a digital system.”

Colin found that the ABB ScreenMaster RVG200 paperless recorders were an exact fit for the plant’s needs: “I am a fan of ABB products and the RVG200 is the networkable solution we needed, with a database that is easily accessible.”

Mayfield Yarns uses this gathered data to enhance traceability, ensuring that individual machines are operating within specified parameters to meet product quality requirements. Says Colin: “Most yarn processed through our plant is for safety critical and technical end uses, for which we have a requirement to archive the production data for quality traceability purposes.

“The ABB solution of RVG200 paperless recorders and DataManager Pro software met this requirement, allowing simple archiving on multiple platforms.”

A trial of a single device was carried out, with an RVG200 installed on a production machine. The unit was used to collect data on temperature parameters to ensure the machine was operating in the right range for its specification and that product of the correct quality was being produced.

A key feature is the RVG200’s use of touchscreen technology. By using the device’s intuitive icon-based menus or ‘swiping’ through the screens, operators can rapidly find the data they need. This data can be viewed in a variety of formats, including individual or grouped data in chart, bar graph or digital indicator displays.

Up to 24 universal analog inputs enable direct connection of mA, mV, TC, RTD, voltage and digital signals. Coupled with a 125mS sample rate and 500V galvanic channel to channel isolation, these inputs deliver reliable, highly accurate, data from connected process instruments.

Following the trial, a further five RVG200s were installed on other machines. “They are very easy to install and commission,” says Colin, “after connecting wiring we had them up and running within half an hour. The recorders fitted into our existing control panels – all we needed was an adapter plate as the new units were smaller than the original paper recorders.

All devices in ABB’s ScreenMaster range feature extensive security measures to prevent tampering with data. Standard security features include the ability to configure and allocate multiple users with individual password and access rights. There is also the option of an internal security switch protected by a tamper-proof seal preventing unauthorised personnel from altering the recorder’s configuration.

Data integrity is further protected by an audit trail, which logs any configuration changes made and records who made the changes and when, as well as the details of all datafiles created and many other events key to process data security, such as calibration changes.

“The major benefits for us are continuous 100 percent data security, particularly given the end use of some of our products,” says Colin. “Using digital data recorders also helps us to avoid the risk of damage inherent in paper based charts and enables us to retain the data in the recorder as well as copying it to the PC.”

The data is imported to ABB’s DataManager Pro, either manually, via the ScreenMaster's memory card, or automatically via Ethernet communications. The stored data can be displayed in both tabular and graphical format and analysed using a number of tools.

Part of ABB’s ScreenMaster range of paperless process recorders, the RVG200 is just one of several options available. Whether you want a field mountable device that can be installed anywhere, a multipoint device for a comprehensive overview of your process, or slick and easy operation using the latest touchscreen technology, ABB’s ScreenMaster recorders offer a versatile, secure and proven alternative to traditional paper chart devices.

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    Six RVG200 data recorders have been installed by Mayfield Yarns to replace previously installed paper-based recorders

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