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ABB Levit® by Czech Designer Jan Čapek is Fancy Design for a Fancy Life

Prague, 6 May 2014 – ABB Ltd, organizational unit Elektro-Praga, today presented Levit®, a new design of stylish switches and sockets. The basic design of this series was made by the young Czech designer, Jan Čapek, who managed to skilfully combine timelessness, creativity and practical approach to easy mass production. The new Levit® series extends the current portfolio of ABB switches to 16 designs, proving that even an ordinary wall outlet can be a small piece of art.

Jiří Kubeš, Head of Product Management, ABB Elektro-Praga, said: “Levit® is both elegant and timeless, both playful and individual. The pure modern line with a wide range of colour combinations predestines the product for application in many architectural settings, both residential and office, entertainment centres and hotels thanks to the creative and yet very universal design.”

Jan Čapek, the designer – already nicknamed an extraordinary designer of ordinary squares – added: "The switches are super! My cooperation with ABB was one of the best so far and in addition a project where no evasive manoeuvre was possible. The specification was to do a simple square to be pushed. And that is what the great challenge was. If I did anything extremely crazy no-one would buy it. Nobody wants to have anything else but an ordinary square on the wall at home."

The success of the young designer and his new series of switches is highlighted by the interest shown at this year’s Ampere trade fair, where the switches were introduced to the professional public for the first time.

The basic feature of the design is that the frames and the covers of the product consist of two layers, thanks to which the top colour surfaces levitate over the wall like a “flying carpet”, over an Arabic desert, which also gave the series its name. The standard offer includes 11 colour combinations from the usual white via coffee and metallic shades to bright pastel colours. A suitable combination of these colours can be chosen for mass installations, lovers of classics as well as for colourful and brave architectural installations.

The art of the Levit® design includes not only the bright colours and the universal design, but also the possibility to combine the bottom and the top parts in a fierce whirl of colours. If the owner of the switch begins to dislike orange after a couple of years he can select a new colour of the upper cover of the frames, switches and other instruments, simply take out the old and click on new replaceable parts of the covers in the newly chosen colour. These basic combinations can be divided into three groups based on the colour of the bottom parts of the given top colour.

The Levit® design series also includes all product equipment for modern electrical installation – switches with signalling by LE diodes, shutter switches, data outlets, TV outlets, as well as modern covers for HDMI or USB sockets. Dimmers go without doubts, including variants for LED sources, digital thermostats, movement sensors and FM radio wall outlets.

The designer Jan Čapek first attracted public attention a decade ago when together with his schoolmate from the Art and Craft College in Prague Kryštof Nosál designed a lifestyle male washing machine Washman. Another famous design is represented by the ergonomic design of bottles for Karlsbad mineral water. This year he has received the prestigious award Czech Grand Design 2013 as the Designer of the Year for a set of inflatable toys Bulík the Dog and Formula for Fatra Napajedla.

ABB ( is a global leader in power and automation technologies. The company helps customers from the industrial, energy generation and distribution sphere improve their performance with simultaneous reduction of impact of their activities on the environment. The company employs 150,000 people and operates in approximately 100 countries of the world. In the Czech Republic the company has eight subsidiaries with the staff of more than 3,300 people.

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