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2012-07-04 - ABB Full Service® contracts have a remarkable track record of improving productivity and reducing maintenance costs in numerous industries. One example of many is a nickel refinery in Europe, where ABB has raised production availability to 99.6 percent and slashed production losses due to maintenance downtime by a phenomenal 86 percent.

By ABB Communications

The Norilsk Nickel refinery is located at the Harjavalta Industrial Park in southwest Finland.

ABB has been responsible for maintenance operations at the Harjavalta nickel refinery in Finland since 1999.

In that time ABB has achieved some truly remarkable improvements in plant performance, even during changes in ownership of the refinery from Outokumpu, which ran the site for 50 years until 1999, to OMG in 2000 and Norilsk Nickel in 2007.

Between 2003 and 2010, for instance, ABB increased overall equipment effectiveness at the site and increased technical availability by three percentage points to 99.6 percent. This represents a substantial decrease in production losses caused by maintenance downtime of 86 percent. And it was achieved during a period of frequent change, both in ownership and production processes.

With these sort of benefits on offer, Norilsk Nickel recently renewed ABB’s Full Service contact at Harjavalta for another three years.

“The entire Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta organization was unanimous in the decision to choose ABB Full Service yet again,” said Tommi Heikkilä, maintenance manager at Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta. “We want to face our future production challenges together with a reliable partner.”

“The effectiveness of day-to-day maintenance activities has a major impact on business performance when compared with the typical outlay.”
ARC Advisory on ABB Full Service

ABB Full Service agreements are globally supported, long-term, performance-based agreements in which ABB commits to maintain and improve production and equipment performance, energy efficiency and reliability for an entire facility with an agreed cost base.

The key benefits for customers are ABB’s ability to improve plant asset performance and overall equipment effectiveness; improve site energy efficiency by monitoring and managing energy use, and by planning, delivering and funding energy efficiency investments; and ABB’s proven track record in reducing the total cost of maintenance.

At Norilsk Nickel, ABB has full responsibility for the site’s maintenance operations and works closely with the customer to define and implement maintenance objectives. ABB employs a full-time staff of 65 service professionals at the refinery, which produces around 60,000 metric tons of nickel chemicals and metals a year.

Norilsk Nickel is the world’s largest producer of nickel and palladium and one of the world’s leading producers of platinum and copper.

ABB has signed more than 300 performance based maintenance agreements in a variety of industries worldwide, including pulp and paper, mining and metals, oil and gas, petrochemicals and printing.

Click here to learn more about the ABB Full Service collaboration with Norilsk Nickel.

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    Cathodes, briquettes and powder - some of the nickel products produced at the Norilsk Nickel refinery.

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