ABB i-bus KNX Switch Actuators 6A

2013-08-07 - New range with manual operation and contact position indication

ABB now offers a new range of 6 A Switch Actuators with manual operation. The new devices complete ABB's existing KNX Binary Output range by offering Switch Actuators with an additional manual operation and position indication of contacts.

The new Switch Actuators 6 A SA/S x.6.2.1 are designed e.g. for switching small loads in home applications or in retail stores. A further application is the control of main contactors in non-residential buildings.

The Switch Actuators are available as 2-, 4-, 8- and 12 - fold devices and offer a manual operation of each 6 A output. The manual operation facilitates a quick contact position indication and simplifies the commissioning on the construction site. Thus the connected loads can be tested and switched independent from prior ETS programming and KNX bus supply voltage.

Universal application functionality

The application software common to all ABB i-bus KNX Switch Actuators offers a wide range of functionality and enables suitable device functionality. The application has a structured configuration: Only the required functions are activated. The parameters and communication objects not required are not displayed. This enhances the clarity and simplifies commissioning.

Copying and Exchanging Parameter Settings

Parameterization of devices can take a lot of time depending on the complexity of the application and the number of device outputs. To optimize the commissioning work, the copy and exchange function can be used to copy or exchange parameter settings of a channel with other freely selectable channels. Optionally, the group addresses can be retained, copied or deleted in the target channel. The copying function is ideal, particularly for devices, where several channels have identical parameter settings. The exchange of parameter settings is useful, for example, should the terminals be swapped when wiring. The exchange function makes time-consuming rewiring or manual reprogramming of parameters unnecessary.

Summary of Benefits and Advantages:

- One housing and harmonized look within whole ABB Switch Actuator product portfolio
- Large terminal opening for simplified installation
- 2, 4, 8 or 12 floating contacts for switching up to 6 A loads
- Switching of outputs via KNX or manual operation
- Contact position indication via manual operation slider
- Same extensive application software as in whole ABB Switch Actuator range

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    New Switch Actuator 4fold 6 A with manual operation
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