Processing analogue values

2015-04-22 - ABB i-bus KNX Analogue Input

The new Analogue Input can be used in applications where physical values should be captured, evaluated and monitored via KNX bus. The Analogue Input comes with a new type of screw terminals enabling quick and clear wiring and at the same time improving the speed of connection of sensors. The application program features a comprehensive range of presets for many typical sensors (e.g. for temperature, brightness, fill levels, etc.) for fulfilling several project requirements. The new Analogue Input supports the ABB i-bus Tool enabling advanced diagnosis and improved commissioning – for saving time on the construction site.


    • Support of the ABB i-bus Tool for advanced diagnosis and improved commissioning
    • Power supply for active sensors is integrated – no additional device is required in the distribution board
    • Comprehensive range of presets for typical sensors is available for an easy processing of the measured data

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