Past, present and future development of ABB BU Instrument Transformers and Sensors in Brno

It is very difficult to become the market leader in the technical area in today’s fast global and highly competitive market environment. To maintain this position is even more difficult but seeing the performance of ABB PPMV Brno unit this is not impossible.

ABB PPMV Brno is the largest factory producing specific instrument transformers in the world. The history of which started at the end of nineteenth century. It was in 1887 when two engineers, Josef Donat and Robert Bartelmus founded an electric instrument and equipment manufacturing factory in the city of Brno. This was one of the first electrical engineering factories in the then former Czechoslovakia. The factory significantly contributed to the development of electrification in Brno and excelled by supplying electrical equipment for the Vienna municipal railway power plant in 1897. At the beginning of nineteenth century the company decided to changed its products range to focus on transformers and switchgears. In 1927, SKODA bought the plant and operated it under its own name until 1950 when the company was renamed Julius Fucik Electric Engineering Plants – EJF Brno. In 1993, ABB (Asea Brown Boveri) became the sole owner of the company.

Transformer production in Brno started in 1919 with oil insulated transformers. In 1953 oil was gradually replaced by epoxy. In the years that followed the company brought in many other changes. Materials that were used and the technological processes and procedures have since changed. Production volumes have increased as well as has the ability to customise the transformers based on the requirements of the company. This has become a standard today when all transformers and sensors that leave the Brno production line are custom-made to meet the specific requirements of the customer. The portfolio of products is very wide and includes nearly 50 types and 1200 subtypes of transformers that are manufactured using ABB in house expertise and knowledge in logistically demanding processes and in countless combinations of parameters.

In order to be able to respond quickly and proficiently to the ever changing demands of the market it was necessary to modernise and expand the production which increased from 12 000 units in 1999 to 130 000 units in 2011. By gradual restructuring of halls and line modernisation, we are getting to a line controlled by a robot, with a capacity of 220,000 pieces per year. All that has made us, ABB PPMV Brno, a leader in the field of instrument transformer and sensor production.

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