L&W Introduce Stylus Roughness Tester Emveco

Lorentzen & Wettre, a member of the ABB Group, announce L&W Stylus Roughness Tester Emveco – a paper laboratory instrument that measures the micro-surface roughness of paperboard and linerboard.

The evaluated property is called microdeviation, which is a measure of the topography of the paper or board surface, and a characteristic that correlates well to how a paper or board will print. This new product is a replacement of the well-known EMVECO Stylus Roughness Profiler System 210-R, used in the industry for many years.


ABB Pulp and Paper in the News - Press Releases

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2016-09-21: Zurich, Switzerland, September 21, 2016

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2016-08-23: New assessment service for parts management also helps cut costs and improve purchasing power

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2016-06-28: Add-on to fiber analyzers provides a complete range of fiber measurements, both image-based and non-image based, from one laboratory pulp sample for a truly holistic view of pulp fiber properties.

New LED-based color sensor improves measurement accuracy during paper and board production

2016-04-27: Discrete light emitting diodes (LEDs) provide continuous on-line color measurement for more accurate paper web analysis, at a lower cost of ownership

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