L&W Introduce Stylus Roughness Tester Emveco

Lorentzen & Wettre, a member of the ABB Group, announce L&W Stylus Roughness Tester Emveco – a paper laboratory instrument that measures the micro-surface roughness of paperboard and linerboard.

The evaluated property is called microdeviation, which is a measure of the topography of the paper or board surface, and a characteristic that correlates well to how a paper or board will print. This new product is a replacement of the well-known EMVECO Stylus Roughness Profiler System 210-R, used in the industry for many years.


ABB Pulp and Paper in the News - Press Releases

ABB expands its offering for pulp measurements with L&W Crill

2016-06-28: Add-on to fiber analyzers provides a complete range of fiber measurements, both image-based and non-image based, from one laboratory pulp sample for a truly holistic view of pulp fiber properties.

New LED-based color sensor improves measurement accuracy during paper and board production

2016-04-27: Discrete light emitting diodes (LEDs) provide continuous on-line color measurement for more accurate paper web analysis, at a lower cost of ownership

ABB to deliver new drive system for Kruger Packaging’s PM 10 rebuild in Trois-Rivières, Quebec

2016-04-06: Engineered solution and services for paper machine conversion from newsprint to containerboard production will improve energy efficiency and equipment reliability

ABB to increase efficiency and productivity at SCA’s expanded pulp mill

2016-03-14: For the first time ever an integrated automation solution will manage end-to-end production in the pulp industry — from the woodyard to the baling line — from a single control room

Fully automated paper strength tester increases product consistency and reduces waste

2016-03-01: Uniform strength is an important property when producing multi-layered paper products. It can now be measured accurately across the entire reel width – 10 position measurements within six minutes with a fully automated test method

ABB Pulp and Paper in the News - Articles

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