Paper Machine Drive Service

Paper Machine Drives Network

Each drives project can count on ABB’s unrivalled experience and expertise through the global Paper Machine Drives Network to help the customer solve the most complex drive application challenges.

Paper machine drives solution experts on all continents offer a range of project and application services from project management, engineering and prompt and fast start-up, down to various operational and upgrade services.

The local product service and parts & repair services guarantee maximization of productivity.

Expert Services

An extensive product service and excellent part logistics provide a sound base for application services and professional service concepts.

Site surveys and preventive maintenance service packages are designed to keep the drive system efficiency at the optimum level, and to define the update needs. Upgrade programs clearly classify the support and recommended actions for products in different product lifecycle phases, well in time before aging products become unavailable.

Remote services, Fingerprint services, such as Runnability+ and Speed+, and various mill service management concepts form a wide service portfolio to fine-tune, improve and upgrade machine productivity over the whole lifecycle.

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