ABB Marine Academy

Having a high level of crew competency can ensure efficient and safe vessel operations. New vessels, technologies, and crew rotation cause a lot of pressure in training new personnel and maintaining existing competencies. It is a challenge to keep up with changing work requirements, regulations, and new operational technologies. To assist, ABB has created a training path for crew and marine professionals, consisting of courses that can be taken in our Marine Academy training centers, interactive on-board training sessions, or via e-learning. Courses can also be combined in order to meet different training demands.

In our ABB Marine Academy training centers we offer two types of training:

- Private classes – where all participants come from one customer and the instructor focuses on customer specific installations. This class type normally holds 6-8 participants.

- Public classes – where there is a mix of customers among the participants and customer is able to enter as few or many participants as needed according to a fixed schedule.

On the right hand side you will find detailed course descriptions including agendas, as well as our public class schedule. If you have any doubts of how to select the right courses or want to cooperate with us to make complete training path based on your personnel and vessel type, please contact us on the contact page.

Looking forward to cooperating with you In the future.

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