Chemical Delivery

Cellier, as an activity of ABB Process Automation in France, has over 50 years experience in coating preparation for the papermaking industry worldwide.

These complex installations are designed to optimize the use of chemicals, adding value to the base sheet by enhancing quality while complying with technical requirements such as printability and brightness as well as improving machine runnability.

Global offer with innovative solutions
Cellier Activity provides innovative solutions for the management of chemicals, raw materials storage, powder transfer, dispersion, cooking, mixing, filtration, pipe cleaning systems and complete plant process control supervisory systems, as stand-alone equipment or as integrated process unit, including design, engineering, procurement and commissioning services, for the paper, board and tissue manufacturing and de-inking lines.

  • Main advantages of ABB´s Chemical Delivery units

    Optimized preparation quality, excellent dosing accuracy and repeatability, process control specifically dedicated to the requirements of the coating kitchen and enhanced process performance to increase paper machine productivity.

  • ABB's Chemical Delivery systems are designed for the following applications:

    Stock preparation: de-inking additives and recycled paper whiteners, wet-end fillers and additives, coating kitchen and working station (surface coating, sizing and pigmentation for paper and board machines as well as tissue applications), incl. chemical processing stages: receiving, handling, storage, metering, mixing, transfer, filtration and recycling/treatment.

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