The test reports document the test you have passed.


Depending on the kind and complexitiy of your test, you will get a certificate, test document or test report that documents the test you have passed.


Certificates are issued for type tests, which have successfully been carried out in full compliance with the relevant specifications or standards and STL Guides valid at the time of the test. For these tests the equipment under test must be clearly identified by technical description, drawings, and additional specifications.

The following certificates can be obtained at ABB Laboratories in Ratingen:

  • Complete type test
  • Dielectric performance
  • Temperature-rise performance
  • Short-circuit / making and breaking performance
  • Switching performance

Test documents

Test documents are issued for parts of type tests, which have successfully been carried out like described above.

Test reports

Test reports are issued for all other tests which have been carried out according to specifications, standards or PEHLA guides and/or client instructions.

Similarly, the test report contains all test results, details of the conditions under which the tests were carried out, also details relating to the behavior of the equipment during test, and its condition after the tests.

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