Cyber Security - Take advantage of technology advances while maximizing cyber security

All control systems are exposed to threats. System 800xA has the right protection mechanisms in place

System 800xA gives you peace of mind
Peace of mind tends to come when you have less to worry about. And that is a fact when you operate System 800xA. It is reassuring to know you have done all you can to protect your company’s know-how, ideas and operations.

Optimal compliance
System 800xA has been designed with cyber security in mind and provides state-of-the-art functionality. This allows you to easily address NERC CIP require­ments and maintain compliance accord­ing to these standards and beyond.

Cyber security is embedded in System 800xA
Cyber security is an important factor in all phases of ABB’s system life cycle and is an integral part of System 800xA. This means that cyber security is addressed at each stage of our system life cycle, from design and development to maintenance.

Threat modelling and security design reviews, security training of software developers, and in-house and external security testing are examples of actions ABB is taking to ensure reliable and secure solutions. System deliveries follow our strict guidelines on handling cyber security.

Security for System 800xA adheres to the SD3+C Security Framework to ensure and improve security in system components.

Security monitoring and management for 800xA systems
To help users achieve a proactive cyber security strategy for their 800xA-based systems, ABB has partnered with Industrial Defender to provide Automation Systems Manager (ASM), a centralized platform for security, compliance, and change management activities across control system operations. The integration and validation of Industrial Defender as part of System 800xA combines industryleading technologies that enable users to better monitor and manage their critical control system operations.

Application whitelisting for 800xA systems
In cooperation with Cryptzone, ABB has integrated the application whitelisting solution 800xA whitelisting SE46. This solution ensures that only trusted software is allowed to run on missioncritical machines and computer workstations.

Cyber security is an important factor in all phases of the system life cycle:

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