Dissolved Organics Measurement

Natural organic matter (NOM) is a complex and heterogeneous mixture of organic substances produced from vegetative decay processes that create problems for water treatment plants tasked with producing drinking water of a consistent high quality.

The majority of NOM originates from the soils. These aquatic humic substances are mainly derived from decomposing plants and animals and color the water from yellow to brown. They also provide a substrate for bacteria and fungi, that, if not removed during the treatment process, can contribute to excess microbial growth in the water distribution system. This in turn can lead to secondary problems such as disease, fouling, poor taste and odor.

It is important to remove humic substances prior to chlorination, as any remaining NOM will react with the added chlorine to create undesirable disinfection by-products (DBPs) such as trihalomethanes (THMs).

ABB offers two analytical methods for detecting organic matter in water:

Aztec 600 Color Analyzer

provides a measurement of the actual water color by measuring the absorbance of the sample at 400nm and expressing this as a color corresponding to the Platinum-Cobalt Scale (Pt-Co) or Alpha-Hazen Scale.

AV400 Series

measures the ultraviolet absorbance of the sample at 254nm (UVA) where many of the dissolved organic compounds found in potable water absorb.

Aztec 600 Color Analyzer
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Number of sample streams1 to 3
Measurement Range0 ... 500 Pt-Co units

AV400 Series
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Number of Sensors12122
Measurement Range0 ... 20 mg/l C0 ... 20 mg/l C0 ... 100 mg/l C0 ... 100 mg/l C0 ... 20 mg/l C and
0 ... 100 mg/l C

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