VN indukční motory. ABB motory

Široká nabídka střídavých VN indukčních motorů zahrnuje motory s litinovou kostrou chlazenou vlastním ventilátorem, modulární motory se svařovanou kostrou s různými možnostmi chlazení a modulární motory kroužkové. Každý motor je navržen tak, aby splňoval všechny požadavky konkrétních aplikací.


Novinky (AJ)

  • ABB introduces new platform for high voltage rib cooled motors

    2014-02-05: The next generation HXR is a new type of high voltage rib cooled motors, developed and designed by ABB. It has all our rib cooled motor knowledge from past 100 years in it, but in a surprisingly small package. The motors provide a unique combination of small size, high power density, high reliability, low losses and easy maintenance. These features result in significantly lower total cost of ownership, not only making the owners life profitable, but also easy, thanks to very low and well-predictable downtime.

  • ABB's new high inertia motors for large fan applications

    2013-07-10: With stall times longer than their start times, moderate inrush current levels and a choice of cooling systems, ABB’s new high inertia motors are ideal for driving large fans. Those are used across a broad range of industries and are currently in demand by plant operators seeking to comply with new air quality regulations such as the Clean Air Act in the USA. High reliability is assured, as the high inertia motors are based on ABB’s proven modular induction motor platform.

  • ABB optimizes low inrush current motors for pump, compressor and extruder applications

    2013-05-30: Low inrush current (LIC) motors are generally used in weak supply networks where the high starting currents typically drawn by regular motors could cause disturbances. ABB’s LIC motors are based on a proven high voltage modular induction motor platform. They are especially needed in sectors such as water, marine and COG. The motors can be supplied with non-sparking (Ex nA) or pressurized (Ex p) protection for use in explosive atmospheres. To ensure the highest performance, the LIC motors are now designed for an optimum match with the requirements of their specific application.

  • ABB Review 1/2013: More power - New ABB motors make their mark

    2013-04-05: The technical article explains in details the new high voltage modular induction motor AMI 800 2-pole, the new high voltage flameproof motor AMD 900 and ABB's drilling motor portfolio.

  • ABB launches 2-pole high voltage motor rated up to 13.5 MW

    2012-11-23: High power induction motor features robust construction, excellent reliability, reduced maintenance requirements and a long lifetime even when operated in harsh environments. It is ideal for driving pumps and compressors, especially in the chemical, oil & gas, water and wastewater sectors. With the new 2-pole motor the range extends from IEC frame size 400 to 800, therefore covering all general high voltage needs in today’s markets.

  • Holcim’s factory modernization results in large absorption reductions

    2012-05-14 - The Holcim Group, one of the world’s leading suppliers of cement and aggregates, carried out a modernization project at its Merone plant in Como, Italy, with the help of ABB Motors and Drives. The project resulted in significant absorption reductions and lessened maintenance requirements.

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