Generator Circuit Breaker HEC 9

Suitable for the largest power plants, the HEC 9 has been developed as a system to be used in nuclear, coal fired and hydro power plants etc. It has the world's highest performance in SF6 technology for short-circuit currents up to 250 kA. The HEC 9 is also highly suitable for replacements and retrofits.

The system with the circuit breaker and disconnector is mounted on a common frame, together with the operating mechanism, supervisory and control equipment. Additional components such as an earthing switch, current or voltage transformer, surge capacitor and surge arrester can be provided, integrated, and mounted in the phase enclosures.


  • world’s highest short-circuit current capability in SF6 technology
  • indoor or outdoor installation
  • suitable for the largest power plants

  • compact, integrated system solution
  • maintenance after 20 years (or 5 000 close-open operations)

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