cpmPlus Enterprise Connectivity

The connected enterprise: from the business system to the plant floor.

ABB’s Industrial IT cpmPlus Enterprise Connectivity (ECS) bridges the vertical integration gap between Business and Manufacturing systems, delivering significant new opportunities to increase productivity.

ECS reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for integration of ERP and Plant systems by using a standard product for all vertical integrations, rather than of custom developed Point to Point solutions. For example, a company with 20 production sites may need at least 50 interfaces to SAP components. SAP has stated that programming and maintenance can cost around $20,000 per interface point; the total costs over a five year period are roughly $5 million. With ECS, only one standard interface to SAP is required.

ECS has a standardized SAP certified interface that uses ISA-95, SAP’s supported standard for vertical integration in the manufacturing industries. Using these standard certified components dramatically reduces project risk. This also lowers validation efforts for regulated industries.

ECS works with your installed plant systems and helps you get the most value out of the investments you’ve already made. The integration capability of the System 800xA architecture (on which ECS is built) allows the data to reside in its original system, eliminating the need to replicate it into another historian, reducing cost and improving reliability. ECS lowers the total cost of ownership by simplifying multiple connections into one standard interface. ABB Inc. ECS provides a streamlined, single point interface that is suitable for enterprises of all levels of complexity.

As a key component of a Collaborative Production Management (CPM) strategy, ABB’s cpmPlus Enterprise Connectivity also provides the key elements to obtain competitive advantage in any manufacturing business. It enables higher plant efficiency and productivity as well as greater flexibility throughout the production processes.
With true system interoperability, cpmPlus ECS offers a foundation for highly scalable and flexible Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Standardized and integrated process and information flows drive manufacturing operational excellence and guaranty reliability, product quality, regulatory compliance and support for standards and procedures across global manufacturing facilities. Manufacturers become more responsive to the pull from the market and more predictive to their suppliers.
Flexible, ISA-95 based modeling capabilities and modular architecture ensure an evolutionary approach for the future business needs.
cpmPlus ECS offers a wide range of sophisticated MES functionality that addresses the needs of your industry:

    • Seamless integration between your business and production systems.
    • Effective, flexible and reliable pro­duction order management and execution improving throughput while minimizing inventories.
    • Quality management functionality reducing defects and inefficiencies.
    • Electronic work instructions bringing consistency to manual operations.
    • Downtime management, improving plant performance and productivity.
    • Material management enabling full transparency and track and trace capabilities.
    • Warehouse management improving inventory turns.
    • Production performance reporting enabling real time operations visibility and plant performance analysis.

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