cpmPlus Smart Client

A browser based thin client for displaying information from System 800xA

The cpmPlus Smart Client is a true thin client that seamlessly retrieves data from ABB's System 800xA and connected third-party systems. Displays are available inside or outside of the plant facility, as long as a connection to the plant exists (i.e. VPN).

The cpmPlus Smart Client utilizes the extended automation capabilities of the System 800xA technology to provide intelligent data access and viewing functions to assist all levels of personnel in making quick, informed decisions, taking the appropriate action, and thereby improving performance.

Major benefits of the cpmPlus Smart Client include:

    • Eliminate duplicate engineering by using the existing data definitions. All information defined in 800xA, including upper and lower limits, are seamlessly available inside of cpmPlus Smart Client.
    • Simplified display configuration that requires no programming. Displays are configured using drag-and-drop display components and information from system 800xA property browser.
    • No additional costs based on tag count. Information from all connected System 800xA’s is available.

Thes benefits allow companies to lower the overall cost of ownership and to leverage the advantages of ABB's Industrial IT.

The feature set of the cpmPlus Smart Client includes:
    • Thin client based Graphical displays
    • Trending and Statistical Process Control
    • Alarm and Event Reporting
    • Excel Interface

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