UFES Solutions: Retrofit solutions for rapid extinguishing of arc faults in switchgear

Various opportunities are available for retrofitting of existing medium voltage switchgear systems to prevent the extreme effects of an arc flash. This leads to unbeatable advantages in the avoidance of injury and damage, the maintenance of secure power supply, and the reduction of production stoppages.

ABB service withdrawable solutions

The ABB's Ultra-Fast Earthing Switch (UFES) in ABB withdrawable assembly or truck design provides a simple opportunity to upgrade existing switchgear systems with active arc fault protection. For air-insulated switchgear systems based on withdrawable assembly type, a plug & play module which avoids modifications to the infrastructure can be directly inserted.

This solution is designed for switchgear configurations with spare panels. Similar solutions are also available for other switchgear system types with trucks or withdrawable assemblies.

24 kV bis 25 kA / 3s
17.5 kV up to 31.5 kA / 3s

ABB UFES Service-Box (up to 24 kV)

The type-tested ABB UFES Service-Box can be used proprietary. It is mounted directly on the switchgear system, taking account of short-circuit strength, and connected by copper bars to the busbar of the switchgear system.

Various installation configurations are possible to ensure flexibility in mounting of the UFES Service-Box at site:
− Top mounting: for panel width of at least 800 mm
− End cover mounting: vertical or horizontal, independent of panel width

12 kV / 17.5 kV, up to 50 kA / 3 s
24 kV, up to 25 kA / 3 s

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