Analog Annunciator Unit

Outdated product since 2009, replaced by COM600 and relays when applicable

The analog annunciator unit is used in a varietyof applications requiring monitoring of analog quantities such as temperature, current, voltage, power, etc. in power plants, substations and industry. The equipment is also used in off-shore installations. For temperature measurement standard Pt or Ni sensors are used. For measuring electrical quantities measuring transducers with standard mA or V outputs are employed.

The annunciator units can be used as independent stand-alone units, or they can be integrated via a fibre-optic bus to form complete supervision, event sequence reporting and data acquisition systems.


  • Powerful, flexible and field-customizable 16-channel analog input signal annunciator unit
  • A full choice of 26 standardized field-selectable channel input signal types
  • Four alarm/trip levels per channel; two low set and two high set points
  • The last thirty events with time markings stored for local presentation
  • Bar graph, curve or numerical display of set and measured parameter values
  • Extensive data communication via the serial interface and the SPA bus
  • Parameter selection and adjustment from front panel or via serial interface
  • Sophisticated hardware and software self-supervision system for maximum operational reliability under the most demanding environmental conditions
  • Powerful software support for parameterization of the relay, for reading measured and recorded values, events, etc., and for storing readings
  • Member of the SPACOM product family, ABB’s Distribution Automation system and ABB’s Panorama concept
  • CE marking according to the EC directive for EMC

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