Standard DC Drives


Control Panel: High level of convience included

The assistant control panel is part of the basic unit. It offers a multi-language alpha-numeric display (EN, EN[AM]. DE) with multilingual help function. The large graphic display allows the user to freely select actual and set values. Another additional advantage: the user can call up a list of all changed parameters. The control panel can also store parameters as a security backup or copy them for use in other converters.

DriveWindow Light
The user-friendly start-up and maintenance tool for the world of ABB-drives supports both ABB’s DC-drives and AC-drives. DriveWindow Light is a PC-software for easy and fast startup and maintenance of DCS550 converters and is part of the basic package. The parameter browser can both display and save parameters on the computer. A comparison feature can compare and align current values with a stored set of parameters. With the “Local” feature, the drive can be controlled, as well. At the same time, up to four display values can be visualised graphically. DriveWindow Light also includes an assistant for guided start-up, winder functions as well as the AP-tool for block programming.
The start-up assistant for the DCS550 provides valuable support during commissioning via an interactive dialogue. The individual steps of the start-up process are pre-defined in the right order and all required parameters are displayed. The “Basic”-feature captures motor and connection data and adjusts the controller automatically. The “Advanced”-feature supports the start-up of serial communication (fieldbus) and winder functions. The context sensitive help function is always available.
“Adaptive Programming” (AP) is included in the basic package. Users can develop, test and document their own programs easily in a graphic manner. The „Adaptive Programming“ (AP) function allows the implementation of additional features. The main features of DriveWindow Light AP are:
  • 16 programmable function blocks
  • Available functions:
    – logical: AND, OR and XOR
    – Mathematical: add, mul, div, abs, max and min
    – Other: timer, switch, comparator, filter, SR, PI and user-defined warnings or faults
  • Freely definable execution order
  • Easy documentation

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