TPS..-D/E: The performer

The TPS..-D/E turbocharger is designed for modern high-speed diesel engines, small medium-speed diesel engines and gas engines with power outputs in the range of 500 kW to 3,000 kW.


  • Radial compressor with backswept blades;
    different trims available
  • High-efficiency, mixed-flow turbine,
    fully capable of pulse turbocharging
  • Internal plain bearings lubricated by engine lube oil;
    oil connections at bottom
  • Highly compact design
  • Oil-cooled bearing casing; water-cooled version
    for gas engines
  • HFO compatible turbine stage; wet cleaning of
    turbine and compressor
  • Radial bearing bushes with squeeze oil damper
  • Air intake and gas outlet variants available; variable positioning of casings and flanges
  • Variable turbine geometry as option
  • Comprehensive qualification test program,
    including containment test
  • Wide compressor maps; optional matching
    in all applications
  • Highest performance; high part-load efficiency ensured
  • "Internal" oil supply; simplified interface; no piping
  • Small engine "footprint"
  • Optimized turbocharger cooling for all applications
  • Improved operation in harsh conditions
  • Outstanding operational reliability and longer
    times between overhauls
  • Optimized installation on engine
  • Increased operational flexibility
  • Highest operational safety

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