RobotStudio Machining PowerPac

RobotStudio Machining PowerPac is an add-in to Robot Studio, which makes it possible to create complex paths in just seconds!

Increased engineering efficiency within machining applications.

RobotStudio 5 is the leading product for offline programming on the market. With its new programming methods, ABB is setting the standard for robot programming worldwide.

Creating complex paths in just seconds with wizard.
For an imported CAD model, an intuitive wizard can guide a user to create targets and paths from surfaces and edges easily, quickly and accurately. Pre-defined path generation patterns are provided to support all possible machining types. All process setting such as tool width, overlap rate, machining angles, etc. can be defined in different pages of the wizard.
Altogether there are 7 wizard pages. Each page is intuitive with graphical and text explanation of the key functions in the page, that enables the quick use and follow up of the process wizard.
See the movies and find out how easy it is!

By using RobotStudio Machining PowerPac you get increased engineering efficiency

  • Reduce programming time
  • Engineering and commissioning efficiency
  • More cost efficient handling of short batches
  • In control of the process parapmeters
  • Easy to create and modify robot parameters
  • Improved path accuracy
  • Seamless integration with RobotWare

  • Path programming wizard
  • Create/select surface or edge to be machined
  • Set machining process parameters
  • Pre-defined path generation patterns
  • Set path and target parameters
  • Path and target optimization and modification
  • Path simulation
  • Program export as RAPID or RW Machining FC
  • Calibration
  • Pre-defined and configurable machining templates
  • Check/heal CAD models

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