AW637 Color Analyzer

Aztec 600 Color

The Aztec 600 Color analyzer has been designed specifically for the measurement of color through the drinking water treatment process for coagulation optimization.

Typical applications for the Aztec 600 Color include:

  • Optimization of coagulation processes
  • Optimizing NOM removal for D/DBP rule compliance
  • Monitoring the outlet from sand or carbon filters to provide a THM precursor measurement
  • Predictive coagulant control
  • Early warning of increase in organics loading into water treatment works
It offers reliable and accurate on-line analysis of the color of surface waters and treated waters up to 500 mg/l Pt-Co (500 Hazen units) and is available with optional mult-stream, providing up to 3-stream capability with user-programmable stream sequencing.
  • Reliable color measurement
    – automatic 2-point calibration
    – analysis of up to 3 sample streams
  • Easy to operate
    – familiar Windows™ menu system
    – data trending and analysis
  • Easy to maintain
    – self-cleaning measurement cell
    – simple-to-perform annual service
  • Full communications
    – web- and ftp-enabled for easy data file access, remote viewing and configuration
    – optional PROFIBUS DP V1.0

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