Collaborative Production Management (CPM)

Collaborative Production Management (CPM) solutions integrate all manufacturing systems, providing the real-time visiblilty, execution, tracking, reporting, and optimizing of manufacturing processes. This results in decreasing costs through better production scheduling, execution and management, and increases revenues through improved customer service and product quality, increasing profits and enhance shareholder value.

Product Offerings

  • cpmPlus Enterprise Connectivity

    cpmPlus Enterprise Connectivity

    ABB's cpmPlus Enterprise Connectivity ( ECS) bridge the vertical integration gap between Business and Manufacturing systems. cpmPlus Enterprise Connectivity also provides the foundation for manufacturing solutions (MES) for a variety of process and discrete industries.

  • cpmPlus Smart Client

    cpmPlus Smart Client

    ABB's Smart Client provides a cost effective way to expand the visualization of information from System 800xA using a true thin client.

  • cpmPlus Loop Performance Manager

    cpmPlus Loop Performance Manager

    Optimizing Loop Performance to maximize profitibility

  • cpmPlus Expert Optimizer

    cpmPlus Expert Optimizer

    An Advanced Process Control platform for the process industries

  • cpmPlus History

    cpmPlus History

    This high-speed, real-time history engine is capable of supporting both time series and transactional information. It is scalable from embedded to corporate level historian applications.

  • cpmPlus Energy Manager

    cpmPlus Energy Manager

    Lowering energy prices by managing supply and demand

  • Information Management

    Information Management

    800xA Information Management provides intelligent data access fto both real-time and historical information.

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