Automation Sentinel

ABB recommends its customers to use Automation Sentinel for all its installed control systems. It is our subscription-based lifecycle management support program that provides services to maintain and continually advance and enhance your ABB control system installation. With this program you can keep your control system software up-to-date while maintaining a flexible path forward to new technology and features.

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Automation Sentinel provides exclusive services for the maintenance, evolution and continual enhancement of the installed base of ABB control systems. These services are specifically designed to maintain and extend the useful lifetime of your control system.

ABB's solution is best because:
Maintain operation and avoid loss of production - Higher productivity through enhanced software functionality
Manage your life cycle costs - Yearly subscription provides predictability for plant precise budgeting
Continuous optimization of your process operations - Improves system availability, performance and reliability
Supports changing business goals with flexible life cycle support - Introduce new technology at your own pace
Complete flexibility - Improve your control system over time. Always the best, lowest risk path forward
Protection of intellectual property - Your operator graphics and control programs are protected when new technology is implemented

Automation Sentinel is our commitment to help you get the most value out of your current ABB control system investment; it protects your past and present, as well as your future automation investments.

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